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Getting Started

This quick guide assumes that you are already familiar with Joomla CMS and how to perform basic operations with it. These include installing the quickstart package, installing extensions (templates, modules, plugins and components) and managing content. If you are new to Joomla, please click here. We shall neither cover Joomla quickstart installation nor that of third party extensions used in the demo templates. Warp framework is developed by Yootheme.

General Template Settings

The settings contained in the template allows you to control and or change the behaviour and general appearance of the website front end. These settings are broken down into various sections as outlined below:

News Today

This is the detailed information regarding the use of News Today Joomla 3 Template. The documentation in this section covers the use of the template, extensions used and custom codes used. For general information regarding the various settings provided by the customizer and how to use them, please refer here: Template Settings.

Interior Design

Before you begin, it is important to read the various settings of the templates since most of the general features are not included in this article. They are in the two links provided below.

Landscaping Joomla Template additional documentation

This is  a follow-up documentation to the user manual for Landscaping Joomla template. It is mainly for reference purposes regarding demo content layout and managing content and also how it has been managed.

Landing Page

To begin with, the main image slider is displayed using Unite Revolution slider and is assigned to the module position "header." This component is included in the download files. There is also a link to further documentation.

Below the slider is a custom html module assigned to module position "welcome." The module position block layout is in a way that the width of the first module is always double that of the subsequent modules. To apply this setting, open the administration section of the template > options > layouts > grid > layout and choose options from the drop down list. The available options are parallel, stacked, first doubled and last doubled.

Clean Home Page

The slider also uses Unite Revolution Slider.

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