Below are the settings effected in the template to make the demo site appear as it is:

a) Styles

Use the customizer to create your own style. You can pick colors, modify sizes and much more with a real time theme preview. Choose the style to be loaded in the layout options.

It is advised to install the quickstart package, even if your site is already live online, on a separate folder on localhost or online in order to see the various customization applied.

b) Other Settings

Once the template administration section is open and clicked on options > settings, there are short but precise descriptions on how to go about each and every setting available.

Demo site in detail

  • The main image slideshow is widgetkit lite assigned to module position slider.
  • Featured Weekly Crops is Unite showbiz assigned to module position message.
  • Agro Bulletin is NS2 News Show assigned to module position main-top.
  • Why Choose Us is a custom html module using UIKIT parallax and assigned to module position showcase.

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