General Template Settings

The settings contained in the template allows you to control and or change the behaviour and general appearance of the website front end. These settings are broken down into various sections as outlined below:

  • Settings
  • Layouts
  • Moduels
  • Menus


Under settings, we have the following:


Use the customizer to create your own style. You can pick colors, modify sizes and much more with a real time theme preview. Choose the style to be loaded in the layout options. When the customizer is opened, there are two modes; normal and advanced. Here is the detailed outline of the customizer; please click here.


The first option, which is Compile LESS in the browser on every page load should be checked during development but unchecked on a live site. The second option provided is that of allowing styles to be loaded by URLs. This will override the style originally loaded by the theme. You can uncheck it for a live site. For a live site to perform efficiently, please compile LESS to CSS .


Minify CSS and JavaScript into a single file. Use gzip compression and Data URIs to reduce image file requests. Compression optimizes page load time. There are four options available:

All files will be loaded separately and fully sized.
Combination + Minify
This option will minimize and combine CSS and JavaScript files into one single file.
Combination + Minify + Data URIs
Data URI embeds image data directly into the document, thus reducing the HTTP requests for your image files. This applies only to images that have a maximum size of 10kB.
Combination + Minify + Data URIs + Gzip
Gzip allows a faster data transfer through compressed data packages, instead of dealing with large data volumes by sending them separately.


The viewport meta tag controls the layout on mobile browsers. If it's not set, the default width on mobile is 980px and the site will look the same like on desktops.


If you just use the Joomla blog and articles you don't need to load Bootstrap.


Display specific content elements in the theme. There are two elements to be displayed or hidden. If you do not wish to display a message at the footer showing warp framework developer information, uncheck "Hide Warp Branding." Otherwise, check it to hide the information. If you also wish to hid the "To Top Scroller" arrow, check the "Hide To-top scroller" box.

Social Buttons

Display Tweet, Google+ or Like buttons in your posts to share them in social media.


Choose the default module style for each position.

Additional Scripts

Insert your Google Analytics tracking code or any other additional scripts here. They will be added before the closing body tag in the theme.

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