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Before you begin, it is important to read the various settings of the templates since most of the general features are not included in this article. They are in the two links provided below.

Getting Started

Template Settings

Interior design unique and clean Joomla template


Interior Design Joomla Template Showcase


Template Overview

Now that you have a copy of theme and its files downloaded from AS TEMPLATES. The first thing to do is unzip the downloaded file and separate its contents to quickstart, template, extensions and the read me file. There are two ways of getting your newly downloaded template up and running. The first is by installing the quickstart package. A detailed documentation on how to do this is provided at the beginning of this article.

The second option is by installing the template on a clean Joomla installation or on an existing live site. Should you choose to install the template on a clean Joomla installation, then please note that you will have to populate your site with data by managing content in order for it to look like the demo site.

In this article, we will focus on what has been done to make the demo site appear the way it is.

Extensions Used

The main slideshow in the homepage uses Unite Revolution Slider assigned to module position slideshow.

Content below the slideshow is custom html assigned to module position welcome. Use the code:  

<div><div class="view3 view-third"><img src="/image_path" alt=""><div class="mask3"><p></p><h2>Custom heading text</h2><a class="info" href="#">Custom Link</a></div></div></div>

Featured furniture is presented using J2 Store component lite version. Pro version can be downloaded here: J2 Store

Our work is displayed using YJ Newspop.

Below our work is another custom html module.

Twitter module is displayed using Widgetkit Twitter module.

Product gallery showcase is displayed using Widgetkit gallery.

Side cart module is JPanel module for Joomla.

Contact form is 6contacts module.


Template Specific Settings

Primary Settings

Interior Design Joomla template administration section detailed information


Layout Settings

Interior Design Joomla Template layouts administration section


Modules Settins

Interior Design Joomla Modules Settings


Menu Settings

Interior Design Template Menu Settings



You can either toggle between basic or advanced mode. If you are just doing basic customization, then there is no need to click on the advanced mode. However, if you are customizing all elements like the menu, forms, tables etc, then activate advanced mode.

These are the sections that are included in the customizer:

  • General
  • Typography
  • Block Alt
  • Buttons, navs & badges
  • spacings
  • Controls
  • Breakpoints
  • Alert
  • Article
  • Badge
  • Base
  • Breadcrumb
  • Button
  • Close
  • Comment
  • Description
  • Dropdown
  • Form
  • Grid
  • Icon
  • List
  • Modal
  • Nav
  • Navbar
  • Offcanvas
  • Overlay
  • Pagination
  • Panel
  • Progress
  • Subnav
  • Tab
  • Table
  • Text
  • Thumbnail
  • Tooltip
  • Utility
  • Search

More information on UIKit.

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