Logistica Transport

This brief online documentation is a supplement to the one that is included in the download files for Logistica Transport and Logistics Joomla Template. To begin with, here is a list of extensions used in the demo site and where they have been used:

  • Grue Menu is used for main navigation assigned to module position "megamenu."
  • Unite Revolution slider is used for the main slideshow assigned to module position "slider."
  • Fav Image Hover is used to display the images below the slideshow assigned to module position "message." To have the module display over the slider images, use the module class suffix "negative-margin-top."
  • Our Services are  a custom html code displayed using custom html module. There are two ways you can display your custom html code. You may use the in-built ordinary Joomla custom html module, or you may use the custom advanced html module. The latter does not strip some html tags.
  • Our business strength is displayed using Widgetkit accordion and is assigned to module position "main-top."
  • Transport News is displayed using NS2 News Pro and is also assigned to module position "main-top."
  • GK Newspro is used to display the zoomed images and is assigned to module position "showcase."

Template Layouts

There are three major layouts already created as demonstrated in the demo site. These include:

  • Default Landing page
  • Home layout 2
  • Home layout 3

To select a layout for a particular number of pages or an entire website, login to your Joomla administration panel, click on extensions > templates and select on logistica. From the screen that opens, click on options. The settings screen will open. From the left vertical menu, click on layouts. Under layouts, there is more information, i.e. Store your modifications in a layout profile and assign it to different pages. The default layout will be used on pages without an assigned layout. Choose the template layout of your liking from the drop down menu. Scroll down to styles and select the one that suits your site. You may now scroll further and choose the pages to assign this new layout. Save.

Menu System

There are two main menus used in the demo site. Default landing page and home layout use Grue Menu while home layout 2 uses the default Joomla menu. The Grue menu module is allows the creation of a megamenu. This module should be assigned to the module title "megamenu." The regular Joomla menu module should be assigned to module position "menu."

While setting up the mobile resolution screens menu, just use one menu; the ordinary Joomla menu and assign to module position "off-canvas."

Got any questions regarding this template? Please feel free to use the form below to leave a comment. Alternatively, just write to us via the contact page.


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