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This is the detailed information regarding the use of News Today Joomla 3 Template. The documentation in this section covers the use of the template, extensions used and custom codes used. For general information regarding the various settings provided by the customizer and how to use them, please refer here: Template Settings.

General Description

NT Theme is a responsive Joomla! template built on the slick warp framework. The responsive design makes it suitable for all screen resolutions. This template requires no framework plugin to be installed in order for it to work. The stylish and easy to use admin panel together with a wide range of customizable features enables the creation of an elegant looking site. This template comes with UNLIMITED Google fonts for the header, body and menu, UNLIMITEDcolors, option to switch between responsive and fixed layouts, template width settings, menu column width setting, module arrangement and layout settings via the admin panel and so much more.

Template Features

  • Fully Responsive framework design
  • Minimalist design
  • Widgetkit for easier joomla content display
  • Zoo blogging component
  • Stylish and elegant image gallery display
  • Over 40 Module Positions
  • Unlimited to choose from
  • Module layout width adjustment in the admin panel
  • RTL Support
  • Collapsible module positions
  • Easy extra module position creation via admin panel
  • Javascript compression
  • Browser upgrade option for old browsers
  • Social networks-content integration
  • Google analytics tracking code insertion ready (via admin panel)
  • Responsive image sliders
  • Responsive Image galleries
  • Spotlight and Lightbox image galleries
  • Modules in articles plugin
  • Event Countdown Module
  • Newsletter subscriber module
  • Social sites display and comments for articles display
  • Google maps


Installing the Template

Template installation guide can be found here: Getting Started. You will also get information on how to set up the menu both for mobile and desktop navigation, setting up the logo both for mobile and desktop navigation ans so much more.

Template Specific Settings

These are the settings unique to this template and thus cannot be found by reading the sections about getting started and template settings.

Home Page (landing page)

  • In this section, the main slider used for image slideshow is revolution image slider courtesy of Unite CMS.
  • db8 site last modified module is used to show when the site was last modified (module position: toolbar-l).
  • Menu module is used to show the top right menu (module position: toolbar-r).
  • Custom HTML module is used to display the message below the slider (module position: mplayer).
  • Article images are displayed with the help of custom html code from Widgetkit
  • Widgetkit Glass gallery functionality is used to display the images in "a few gallery items" (module position: top-b).
  • Below that, custom HTML is used to display text and image (module position: message).
  • Custom html and widgetkit custom spotlight code used in "our portfolio" (module position: bottom-a).
  • Logos are displayed using Widgetkit slideset (module position: newsletter).
  • Sports news in the footer are displayed using Zoo Item module.
  • The layout is Default. This can be set via the admin section of the template.
  • Headings font is Raleway (Google font).
  • Body font is Lato (Google font).
  • Menu font is Lato (Google font).

Magazine Layout

The layout used here is "Magazine Layout" and the style used is also "Magazine." To choose the layout, login to your Joomla administration section and click on extensions. From the drop down menu, click on template manager and select nt. From the left, there is a sub-menu for settings, layouts, modules, menus and information. Click on Layouts  and then under "Layouts," choose "Magazine Layout." Scroll down to "Styles" and choose "Magazine." Scroll further down and select the pages that you would like to assign this particular layout.

  • Main slideshow image is Giant Content Joomla module (module position:  slider).
  • CK image slider is used to display image just below the slider (module position: main-top).
  • Zoo blog is used to display the two articles.
  • Trending News are displayed using BT Content slider in position "newslides."
  • Space science and Health Matters are custom html modules in position "trendingnews." Use module class suffixes "trending-dark" and "trending-blue" respectively.
  • Entertainment is displayed using Six News module in position "entertainment."
  • Newsletter subscribe is displayed using ACY Mailing Starter in position "bottom-a."
  • The sidebar modules are in module position "sidebar-b."


Additional Settings

Login page uses SLogin component. Make sure that you use page class: user-page.

This page class is also used in the pages under "custom pages." To insert a page class, go to your Joomla administration section and then open main menu. Click on your menu item and then navigate to "page display." Scroll down to the section "page class" and paste your page class here. Save the changes when done. When this page class provided here is used, some module positions like newsletter and bottom-a are hidden.

More information about News Today can be found in the demo site of the template under menu item "Features."


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