Uninature Template Documentation

This documentation covers template installation, setting up logo, setting up menu, extensions used and the various customization to achieve the same layout as the one in the demo site.

Uninature is a fully responsive Joomla template based on Warp, the super light, extremely fast and flexible framework by Yootheme.

Template Features:

  • Fully Responsive framework design
  • Minimalist design
  • Widgetkit for easier joomla content display
  • K2 Blogging component
  • Stylish and elegant image gallery display
  • Over 40 Module Positions
  • Unlimited to choose from
  • Module layout width adjustment in the admin panel
  • RTL Support
  • Collapsible module positions
  • Javascript compression
  • Browser upgrade option for old browsers
  • Social networks-content integration
  • Google analytics tracking code insertion ready (via admin panel)
  • Responsive image sliders
  • Responsive Image galleries
  • Spotlight and Lightbox image galleries
  • Social sites display and comments for articles display
  • Google maps

Files in the download package

There are various files included in the download package. These include:

  • Quickstart package
  • Template for Joomla 3 (in the template folder)
  • Extensions (in the extensions folder)
  • Documentation url link (inside documentation folder)

What to do with the files

There are two major ways to get the same layout as that displayed in the template demo site. The first one is by installing the quickstart package provided in the downloaded files. This is highly encouraged since it saves time in that the only thing required will be replacing the existing text and images with your own.

The other option would be to install the template on an existing Joomla installation. In this case, if you site previously had content, then you will have to reassign the module positions since most definitely, they will be named differently from your previous template. Even if you were already using the earlier version of the template, you will have to reassign various modules to the module positions available in this template which have since been changed and differ from the earlier versions.

Extensions used in the demo website have been included in the folder called extensions. Install these extensions before managing content. 

To get started with basic template set up, please read this: Getting Started and this: Template Settings for template settings. These settings are universal to all of the Warp-based templates that we design and develop.


Demo Site Layout Settings

These are the settings unique to this template and thus cannot be found by reading the sections about getting started and template settings. This section contains detailed information about the demo website, what has been used where and how.

There are two major layouts: boxed and full width layout. To change the layout, open the administration section of the template and click on options > layouts > layouts and choose from the drop down menu. Scroll down to style and choose from the drop down menu. Scroll down further and select the menu items that you would like to assign the new layout.

For third party extensions, we encourage you to read their specific documentations since that has not been covered here.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that this template will be fully compatible with all of the available third party extensions available out there. We only provide support if the extension used in the demo site has not functioned properly on your site. However, this support is only limited to finding out why the extension has not worked and possibly try to get it work. Otherwise, we will not be offering support should it require the changing of the core code of the extension.

Homepage (Landing Page)

  • The main slider is Widgetkit Quantum Slideshow.
  • "What we do" are custom html module with html5 spotlight and lightbox effect.
  • Latest News are displayed using NS2.
  • Featured Services is displayed using widgetkit accordion.
  • Popular Tags are from k2.

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